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A family-owned business

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Amp Tap Board is a family owned, and operated business in Auburn, Indiana. Named after our youngest daughter, we build, assemble, and ship directly from our home. Our business started in the fall of 2019 out of frustration of good flooring being available for tap class at conventions. I showed my husband some examples of portable tap floors, and he said I can build you something to use. After many prototypes, and sizes, we settled on our finished products. We first started offering them locally, and to our home studio students.


They were a big success at conventions, so when March came, and with stay at home orders all over the country, we decided to offer our boards to the public. We wanted to offer an affordable board that teachers and students could use at home, or take with them wherever they wanted to use them. My own daughter uses it, not only for tap, but for ballet too. We are now shipping them all over the country and Canada. We are partnered with competitions, conventions, and Tap festivals. 

I’m a tap teacher, choreographer, and judge. I started dancing at the age of 3, and worked as a professional dancer after graduating from Ball State University as a Musical Theatre major with a minor in dance. I’ve worked in the dance industry my entire life. A fun fact is that I met my husband in tap class at the age of 3 and he was 6. Neither of us performed in our first recital, as I was locked in the bathroom backstage with his sister, and he had chicken pox. He did not continue to dance, but became a steel worker. I, however, have made dance my life.


Our mission in making these tap boards is to do more than just provide a floor, it’s to give back to other artists in need. Throughout this trying time, we are donating directly to other artists in need with every sale of a board. We are grateful to have the ability to do this, and we are thankful for everyone that is supporting us.




Nikki Prichard, Owner

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